"As a busy mum I find it hard to think of additional educational and fun activities for the children. It's so great to have ideas and all of the necessary materials presented so nicely. Minimum effort on my part and maximum fun for my daughter. She was oblivious to the fact she was learning! "

 Hannah Dominey and her puzzling (age 6)



"My 3 year old daughter was delighted to receive her first Numberbundle.  With all of the required materials included in the box, we were able to start the activities immediately.  It was great seeing her so engaged whilst learning.  The discussion points were very useful and prompted further questions and activities.  I would highly recommend Numberbundle - you have everything you need to have some fun at your fingertips."

Ashley Highmore and her numberbug (age 3)



"It was great to have a set of activities exploring mathematics and numeracy in such a broad spectrum of ways - through cooking, craft and playing games. My 4 year old really enjoyed it and completely engaged in the numberbundle."

 Caroline Curtis and her numberbug (age 4)



"Fantastic idea. I loved how the activities did not feel like maths - we genuinely enjoyed them."

Hannah Dominey and her puzzling (age 6)