Every month, your new numberbundle will arrive at your doorstep filled to the brim with entertaining and engaging activities that are fully integrated with your child's mathematical development

Each box will contain activities from...


Cook up a storm in the kitchen with your number chef-in-the-making!

This activity will not only help to develop your child's understanding of shape formation, properties and recognition, but will also leave you both with a tasty snack as a reward for your efforts!


Arts & Crafts

Let your little Picasso's creative juices flow with our arts and crafts activities!

The creation of this craft will engage your child's creative side whilst also reminding them of many core mathematical concepts. The fact that you're left with an enjoyable teaching device for addition is just an added bonus!


Active Games

Watch the colour flood to your child's cheeks as they get active with these games!

This game will feel a lot more like a fun pastime than a learning activity and, with the ability to tailor it to perfectly fit with your child's educational level, you can be certain that they will be gaining the maximum benefit possible. 

Solo Puzzles

Let your little one take control of their own learning with this grownup-free puzzle zone.

This shape-based activity can be carried out by the child independently, meaning that you can have some 'me time' safe in the knowledge the a mathematical genius is being formed. 


Cross Stitch

Release your child's inner dressmaker with these cross stitch designs!

Although the cross stitch piggy bank isn't very good at holding coins, your child will learn a lot about the maths behind money in the process of making it. 


Outdoor Activities

Go play outside and enjoy the fresh air with some exhilarating outdoor activities! 

Beyond the confines of a classroom, your child can actively engage in the concept of time so that dealing with a clock-face becomes an exciting - rather than daunting - prospect.



Kit your little Einstein out in goggles and lab coats for these exciting scientific experiments!

Through this shape-based activity your child will feel more like their learning to be a secret agent than a budding mathematician. 




Bring our maths characters into your own home with these exciting (and educational) stories!

In this short story, Teddy tell time leads your child through an exciting and educational jungle adventure!

Each numberbundle is tailored to work in line with the curriculum of your child's year group

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