Each month, your numberbundle will arrive at your door step filled to the brim with entertaining and engaging activities that are fully integrated with the curriculum

Each box will contain activities from:



Cook up a storm in the kitchen with your little chef-in-the-making!


Being able to make tasty and healthy food is an obvious life skill to pass on to your child, so why not educate them in the world of mathematics while doing it? We can find maths in many different aspects of cooking, everything from measuring, to talking about the colours of different ingredients. 


Arts & Crafts

Let your little Picasso's creative juices flow with our arts and crafts activities!


Spending time crafting and creating with your child is a great way of building memories, and a lot of our activities actually help you to create a learning device that you can personalise and continue to use for a long time in the future. 

Active Games

Watch the colour flood to your child's cheeks as they get active with these games!


Keeping active is vital for your child (and your) well-being. These games will exercise your child's mind as well as their body, whilst also being fun and engaging!


Solo Puzzles

Let your little one take control of their own learning with this grownup-free puzzle zone.


It's not always possible to be right next to your child to offer a helping hand, but this shouldn't act as a constraint on their learning opportunities. This book of child-friendly activities included in each numberbundle will keep them occupied when you are busy. 

Cross Stitch

Release your child's inner dressmaker with these cross stitch designs!


Our cross stitch designs are each aimed to reinforce lessons learnt in the activities in each month's numberbundles, but the activity itself is also extremely beneficial to your child's understanding of size, distance, space and colour. 


Outdoor Activities

Go play outside and enjoy the fresh air with some exhilarating outdoor activities! 


Today's younger generations have so many distractions that it's often hard to get them out to the back garden. These activities will make them excited to go outside whilst encouraging them to improve their maths skills


Kit your little Einstein out in goggles and lab coats for these exciting scientific experiments!


There's no need to explain how maths and science are interlinked as subjects. We've carefully selected activities to make sure that each science experiment is accessible, educational and a lot of fun.